Very Belated but still funny

Sorry that this is two days late but I couldn’t not post this little gem

Be Nice

Through all the various bits of research and messing around on Google I tend to come across some really good websites devoted to either brining good news or sharing smiles. In any case I thought it was about time that I shared some of these websites, all of which are definitely worth a look.


Here is a fellow blogger who I have reblogged in the past. The blog is a series of photos taken from all over the world

This is one of my all time favourite websites. It updates the posts every Sunday and is a collection of people’s secrets that are sent in. I believe them to be true and think that this is a lovely way to get things off your chest

Here is a website that a friend recommended to me a while back and it really is a little find. Some of the quotes are funny, others inspirational and others just plain funny- kind of how I hope this little blog will work out

This website isn’t actually quotes but stories from peoples life’s  and some of them are very touching

Finally here is a website clearly made by someone who started off like me and sees the value of a good quote. This website has them all and I could not be more grateful


All will be well

Myself and a few friends recently heard a quote and have been using it in everyday life. It’s a simple little phrase and we believe it answers pretty much every life problem we’ve been able to think of. It works for personal problems, issues with your looks, your friends, situations with boys and girls, problems to do with college and work. Just about everything.

Then another friend after hearing us using this phrase in the manner in which we do decided to call us up on it. Saying simply that one phrase cannot answer all life’s questions. Our response was “of course it can” Now stealing a few images from Memes pages across the internet I’ll give you it and let you judge for yourself.




Well reader, what’s your opinion? do you have a problem, sure few naggins, be grand

Some Memories from Childhood

This week after spending an entire evening going through my favourite Disney Film quotes it felt only natural to devote an entire post to this fantastic genre in its own right. I found myself actually annoyed that it has taken me this many months before devoting a post to it. To begin with I’ve found the most inspirational and tear jerk moments from the best of the bunch. So here goes, tissues at the ready….*tear flick*

You think the only people who are people, are the people who look and think like you. But if you walk the footsteps of a stranger, you’ll learn things you never knew you never knew.

Take it from an old spectator. Life’s not a spectator sport. If watchin’ is all you’re gonna do, then you’re gonna watch your life go by without ya.
The Hunchback of Notre Dame

The past can hurt. You can either run from it or learn from it.
The Lion King

A dream is a wish your heart makes when you’re fast asleep. In dreams you will lose your heartaches. Whatever you wish for, you keep. Have faith in your dreams, and someday, your rainbow will come smiling through. No matter how your heart is grieving, if you keep on believing, the dreams that you wish will come true.


The flower that blooms in adversity is the most rare and beautiful of all.

Ohana means family, family means nobody gets left behind. Or forgotten.
Lilo and Stitch

Reach for the sky!
Toy Story

Remember: Always let your conscience be your guide.

Reflect before you act.

If you live to be a hundred, I want to live to be a hundred minus one day, so I never have to live without you.
Winnie the Pooh

A lie keeps growing and growing until it’s as plain as the nose on your face.

Keep your chin up, someday there will be happiness again.
Robin Hood

Things will look better in the morning.
The Jungle Book


Now for some of my favourites

I’m a stallion baby

Shrek 2- dedicated to Dave (he made me do that)

Just keep swimming, Just keep swimming

Finding Nemo

 And I shall call you squishy and you will be my squishy

Finding Nemo

And in the morning I’m making waffles



Pumbaa: “It’s our motto.” Young Simba: “What’s a motto?” Timon: “Nothing. What’s a motto with you?”

The Lion King


Hey, look.”Esc-a-pay”. I wonder what that means? That’s funny, it’s spelled just like the word ‘escape’

Finding Nemo



So do you remember all these quotes from your childhood and would you be able to name all the characters that said them?

Some people feel the rain. Others just get wet.

I found this great little facebook group that has really inspiring and lovely quotes. It also has inappropriate and hilarious ones too. Oh and pictures, the pictures are good. Here are some of my favourites. They all come from Life is a B***h Quotes on facebook. Apologises for all the bad language….


hope some of these made you smile!! Im again sitting here in the library chuckling away to myself!!

One, Two, Three, Floor

It’s that time of year again, that one fantastic week of the year that all the students in UCC get together as a group and in a lovely union of acquaintances and friends get really really drunk for a week straight. Oh and raise lots of money for charity doing so, don’t forget it’s all for charity. So in the spirit of the week that’s in it I’ve compiled a list of some of the best and funniest drinking quote for this week’s post.

“Beer doesn’t make you fat; it makes you lean…..against bars, tables, chairs and poles”



“It only takes one drink to get me drunk. The only trouble is I can’t remember if it’s the thirteenth of fourteenth drink”

“I feel sorry for people who don’t drink. When they wake up in the morning, that’s as good as they’re going to feel all day.”

Said by the one and only Frank Sinatra

“Get up and dance, get up and smile, get up and drink to the days that are gone in the shortest while.”

“The problem with some people is that when they aren’t drunk, they’re sober.”

William Butler Yeats – wise man

“The worse you are at thinking, the better you are at drinking”

“It is well to remember that there are five reasons for drinking: the arrival of a friend, one’s present or future thirst, the excellence of the wine, or any other reason.”

“Responsible drinking. Now that’s an Oxymoron.”

“I envy people who drink – at least they know what to blame everything on.”

“Here’s to alcohol: the cause of, and solution to, all of life’s problems.”

Homer Simpson – if we can’t listen to him then we can’t listen to anyone

When in Rome…..I’d get some pizza

The origins of this quote are at lot more historic that I first thought. It was first said by St Ambrose way back when in 387 A.D.  When St. Augustine arrived in Milan, he observed that the Church did not fast on Saturday as did the Church at Rome. He consulted St. Ambrose, bishop of Milan, who replied: “When I am at Rome, I fast on a Saturday; when I am at Milan, I do not. Follow the custom of the Church where you are.” The comment was changed to “When they are at Rome, they do there as they see done” by Robert Burton in his Anatomy of Melancholy. Eventually it became “When in Rome, do as the Romans do.”

Now it can be used in daily contexts. It is specific to occasions when you participate in activities that are not usual to how you normally act. Situations that maybe you wouldn’t normally do, things that you may not even want to do….. Hence the sayings

“When in Rome, do as the Romans do”

So when is the last time you were in a situations where the saying was appropriate??




What a silly Question

What’s your favourite song? You might as well ask someone what was their favourite minute in 1993? Well maybe not as extreme but it s still a silly question. Over the years and months and days and well minutes my favourite song has changed numerous times. But for the purpose of this blog I’m going to let you know one of the front runners. Over the last half hour or so that I’ve been preparing this entry this song has been at the back of my mind. I suppose that’s a good measure of song favourability, how often a song features in the back of your mind…

This song is from the album of the same name and of course comes from the genius that is Pink Floyd

So, so you think you can tell Heaven from Hell,
blue skies from pain.
Can you tell a green field from a cold steel rail?
A smile from a veil?
Do you think you can tell?
And did they get you to trade your heroes for ghosts?
Hot ashes for trees?
Hot air for a cool breeze?
Cold comfort for change?
And did you exchange a walk on part in the war for a lead role in a cage?
How I wish, how I wish you were here.
We’re just two lost souls swimming in a fish bowl, year after year,
Running over the same old ground.
What have you found? The same old fears.
Wish you were here.


Well, what’s your favourite song? Or is that too serious a question to ask?

To be or not to be (pirate). Is that the question?

If you type the words “most famous quote of all time” into Google, the first link you receive will tell you that the most famous quote was spoken by Alexander Pope.  The quote is as follows;

“To Err is human, to forgive divine”

This quote comes from “An Essay on Criticism” Part 2 written in 1709. Pope titled it an “essay” but it is actually a poem. Another quite famous quote from this piece of work is one of my favourites;

“Fools rush in where angel s fear to tread”

I love this quote but not for the meaning behind it, that we should not take life too quickly but for the simple fact that it is a really beautifully written piece of prose.

Back to the Err quote. Pope did not in fact come up with the term, to err is human. It is actually the direct English translation of an ancient Latin proverb; “Errare humanum est” but when Pope added the final piece “to forgive divine” it really gave this proverb real meaning. Everybody makes mistakes, everybody, without exceptions. So like it or not we must learn to forgive or otherwise we will have no people in our lives. And a life without people is a lonely one.


On a side note, as this is such a well known quote one of the funniest rewrite of this quote was;


“To Err is human, To Arr is Pirate”


And in fact it is.

We should listen to Frankie

Relax, don’t do it……..

Frankie goes to Hollywood and he tells everyone to relax.

Whilst I’m not the biggest fan of the original song, I don’t think it’s completely necessary to as the message that has come from the song has become so famous in its own right. I think this is a fantastic quote to kick off my first blog post in 2012 as so many people are fussing about work and money and exams and study and essays and rent and bills and the gym and losing a few pounds and interviews etc

The quote that I am actually referring to is not actually from the original song but from the now quite famous t-shirts that have come from the song. The original words were in fact “Frankie say relax”

This quote came to mind recently when I saw the last episode of Got to Dance on Sky1 (guilty pleasure, don’t judge) and there was a young child wearing said t-shirt. While this child was most definitely not relaxed at the time it was more than difficult to take your eyes off him. I predict a long career in the dramatic arts for this child and wish him the best in all his endeavours.


So message of the day- “Frankie says Relax” and I think we should listen to him!


For your enjoyment and for lessons in swagger


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